I was born and raised in Montana. I grew up on a ranch outside of Helena Montana, we raised, broke, Trained and showed Registered Quarter horses all over the Mid-West. I Married young and we have two wonderful boys who are a full-time job in themselves. I worked for Verizon Wireless for 10+ years and started driving taxi part-time in the evenings for 2 years while my kids were with their father, Then moved into full-time Night Dispatcher for 3 years after, I then moved into Manager for the last 2 years. I Strive to Make sure that Greater Valley Taxi provides excellent service for the Gallatin County and Surrounding areas! We provide a great service to the community and are affiliated with Galavan, Reach, Montana Independent Living Program, among many other charitable organizations to make sure that everyone always has safe transportation to and from their destinations. It is my goal as the Manager of Greater Valley Taxi to improve the reputation that we have received over the years, The new owner, William Maney, the drivers for Greater Valley Taxi and I promise to give you an amazing experience riding with our Company!